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Cloud Office

At Hola we managed to make it possible to work from everywhere!
We have invested a lot of efforts in creating the right environment, the right tools, and the required procedures, so that you would feel no difference if you work from our headquarters, offices, from home, or from a local Cafe. All you need is an Internet connection, to allow you to connect to our Cloud Office.
The enhanced environment, tools, and procedures were evolved to compensate for the fact you are not sitting together with your peers in the same physical place, and to create conditions equivalent to working next to your peers at the same office.

Login and logout

While working remotely, you are requested to log in when starting your day of work. Once logged in, you actually notify everybody you are "in the office", responsive, and available for every incoming task.
It is sometimes unclear when you need to log out, namely: to distinguish between real work, for which you are required to be logged in, and your free time, when you should be logged out.
Below you can find examples for both options:

While working from Hola headquarters, login and logout is used once you enter and leave the office.

Morning greeting

In a regular office, once starting your working day you usually pass by your peers and manager and say "good morning". At the Cloud Office, we are using IM applications to do the same.
Start your day by posting "Good morning" to your manager and peers, so that they know you are online and started your day.
You can also notify your peers about your current status on one of the IM apps you are using.

What to do next?


Is my peer online?


What did I do today?


Is working remotely fast enough?

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