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4.9 | 360,000+ reviews

"OMG, it works. I love it! I tried like 20 other VPN's (...) This one worked like a charm".

Sany Sanichar

Chrome Web Store

3.6 | 8,100+ reviews

"This one is one of the Best VPNs I've ever used to this day".

Jason A Kane

Amazon Store

4.1 | 2,300+ reviews

"Perfect VPN, it even works with Disney+ to access region-only content. Thanks!".


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Common questions people ask

Can I use the Hola VPN app for free?

Absolutely! At Hola, we are committed to democratizing access to online content. Both our free and Premium versions are designed to provide you with access to worldwide content, regardless of your location. The free version allows you to enjoy Hola VPN without any cost but with some time limits. However, for those seeking additional benefits, such as unlimited VPN time, usage on multiple devices, HD streaming, enhanced performance and more, you can choose to upgrade to our Premium version at any time.

Why do I need a VPN for my desktop?

Many websites and online services restrict access based on your location. A VPN allows you to connect to peers or servers in different regions and countries and thereby access content from around the world.

Does Hola VPN impact the speed of my internet connection?

Hola VPN is designed to minimize speed loss. With our specially engineered ultra-fast servers and unlimited bandwidth, we strive to provide a seamless and high-speed VPN experience for our users.

Can I use Hola VPN on multiple devices?

Yes! You can use Hola Premium on phones, computers, tablets, TVs, routers, gaming consoles, browser extensions & more.

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